Today is such a gorgeous day. I am hanging with my sister. OH YEAH! But first I need a nap.


ITS THE WEEKEND (at least for me)

Today has been an easy day for me. Work is ok - not as bad as it was last week. Anyway, you know how I exaggerate things. Work is not as bad as I make it sound. Looking forward to the weekend.
This Blogger thing is cool for Journal stuff but getting the code right for a template is ODD.
Jating, this one is for you GIRL! And you know which one I'm talking about. o!o



Keith is NOT THE ANTICHRIST ---- I was just angry at him and apologize for being so bad. KEITH SORRY, YOU KNOW YOU ARE MY BOY. Blah!
Hec, I am so happy we met again. I don't show it but you are becoming a very special person to me. BIG HUGS
For those who do not know this Edrick will always be my special dude... I LOVE YOU!
God I am so emotional right now I could shit!



Keith pissed me off yesterday. He has the habit of using the phone while we hangout. My question is: What is so important that you have to be on the phone? If there is a crisis sure, but just to talk crap? Totally rude. And he wonders why I get pissed-off. He invites me to dinner with Richard, once we finish he walks me to the car and uses the phone all the way there. He did not have to offer to walk to my car if he needed to be on the phone. Whatever man! Rude, just rude.
Working on my resume is harder than I thought. To look for work now, on my own, will be tough. New jobs have been given to me by friends or business people I've met in the past. Now I have to actually get the paper and find a job. Very strange indeed.
I have been thinking of Edrick lately. How sweet of him to come to my rescue. I am not surprised. I know he will always be there for me.
My DSL is kicking ass! Looking at my gateway monitor I see that I am flying at 1375880 bps. Almost at T1 speeds. GO SPEEDRACER GO!
AND before I forget -- more hugs to Hec.



I was supposed to be in Dallas today doing a 30 minutes presentation about my department. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to Dallas. This is going to be a problem when my boss return on Tuesday. I won't even be able to conference in to the meeting -- an even bigger problem. I know I will be in it real deep but I do not care. As I type this, I am updating my resume and sending it off to monster.com. I am vested for one year so I have a years worth of SANcastle stock. I know Mitch will not be happy about my situation but I am sure he will understand that I cannot work there anymore.
I had an appointment to take my car in this morning but due to the fact that I have to pay a deductible, which will be refunded to me, I cannot do it. The car will have to wait until I have enough money. By the way, my money problem is being resolved faster than I thought. Citibank called me to tell that my money will be back in my account very soon. AND I get paid on Friday and that is really great news. Thank the lord.
Saundi, I got your card and email and I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU. :-)



March was one of the most horrible months I have experienced in SF. The good news is that I know I have wonderful friends and family who are there for me when I need them. Edrick and Lola gets a special kiss from me this time around. Electronic hugs for everyone else. I am still debating if Keith gets an electronic hug but Hector definitely does.
Right about now you have noticed that my site looks a bit odd. I decided that I was spending too much time updating my Journal manually and that I needed some automatic functions. So now I will be using BLOGGER as my journal entry system. It looks like crap now but you just wait a few weeks.
I finally have a DSL connection from Telocity. Stay tunned.