Guess who has done his taxes.
WEBSITE UPDATE: Ok, I scaled back my website project. Instead of doing different menus styles, I wil keep the same format for all but will use a different color for each page. One page I will spend lots of time on is the music page.
Just finished my taxes. All I have to say is that I am a Smiling boy, $3,950 worth of smiles.



Windows XP is the new OS from Microsoft. This OS replaces Win98 and Win2000. I myself have not used Win98 in a very long time. I have been an NT/2000 user since they became available starting with Version 3.1 which was the first NT. Anyway, my rambling is because I just got the Beta2 of WinXP and am a little excited to install on my spanking, sexy and OH so cool VIAO XG700K. I am not too crazy about the new UI but I have not used it yet... stay tunned.
I know I have touched on this before but I think that fate is very real. I think fate is planned and or chosen. Even if we do not know our fate we do things that effect it. Meeting an individual, realizing your potential, knowing yourself and following your instincts mold what your future will be. There are signs that give you indications of what your fate will be... if you follow them or are in tune with your surroundings you will catch them and follow that path. They can be good signs or bad signs. Hopefully you are in tune with yourself and follow the right path.

One perfect example is meeting my roommate John. I had been experiencing what I call the 111 syndrome which by the way my sister LOLA was also experiencing.

THE SYNDROME: Everytime I looked at the clock it showed a combination of 111. So, at different times of the day I would have this pull to find out what time it was. I would get a 11:10, 1:10, 10:11 or any combination with the 111. This happened to me for many months in SF.

Anyway, right about this time I started to look for apartments. One day I decided to find a roommate rather than get my own place. If you know me, you know I am not the type of person to follow this apartment sharing trend as I can afford to get my own place and basically like my independence. After meeting many young men and women I decided that I would not persue this roommate thing because people in SF are way too crazy to share anything with. One Sunday I decided that I should give it one last try and that if meeting this last person, John, did not work, I would just go and find a place for me alone. I meet John and we hit it off right away. He offers me the room and the apartment and I say yes. I did not realize it until two weeks after I was living with John that the number of my building is 111. I can go on about other stuff that relates to this 111. Things that have happened that, I think have everything to do with fate. Let me know what you think.
Another Blogger beef. It does not a spell checker and guess who can't spell.



Will and Grace is totally sucking these days. It should be called Jack and Karen. They are so much more fun than the W and G and they are not dysfunctional. From now on I will watch Charmed for the full hour thank you very much.
UPDATE ON THE WEBSITE: My website will take longer than I thought to re-build. I want to desing every page differently with different colors and menu styles. This will take many hours of design work. Also, I have been taking lots of photographs for the past three months and I want to Photoshop them and post for for your viewing pleasure.

I just downloaded a copy of Acid Pro 3.0 (beta). It is awesome. I've been playing with it for days without stopping. My evenings are spent learning every bit of this software. I remixed Cry For Help by Rick Astley which I will post for your listening pleasure tonight. Also, I have copy of SONAR from Cakewalk which is a looping application like Acid but it adds a sequencing program and MIDI support. Also, very cool but a steeper learning curve. Anyway I am learning both. Now I have to decide if I should actually buy Acid or just learn SONAR.
My beef with this Blogger thing is that I am not able to add photographs that correspond with the journal. Sometimes I have pics that relate to a story and I would like show it within the story. Maybe there is a way to do it but I have not read enough Blogger stuff to know. Also, I am having a bitch of a time trying to archive stuff.



I am desperately waiting for my money to arrive. I need to be back on my feet. This money situation is totally wearing me out. I am paying all my bills late.

I am missing my sister terribly. We had so much fun and did so many things. One thing is sure... I feel much better now than I did last month. I needed to be with family. I can't wait for the rest of the family to come and share time with me.
There are 6 new Buffy episodes and I am unable to contain the happiness I feel right now. Yesterday's show was great. The Drama!
By the way Jating, there is nothing wrong with you regarding your Napster fetish. I also have it. And I'll tell you another thing, if they decide to bring it down I will have to create my own MP3 site called DISCOSTER. There is no other way for me to get Disco tunes in their full glory from anywhere else. You can buy compilations but they never have the long | originals versions. What is the point in that. The reason for Disco is to DANCE and a 3 minute version of "I Don't Know If Its Right" by Evelyn King is not good enough.
I almost forgot about my dream two nights ago. I was dreaming that Jennifer Lopez was my Aerobics instructor at my GYM. Two problems with this dream. First of all I do not belong to a Gym and secondly even if Miss J.Lo herself was teaching, I would not be doing aerobics at the Gym if you know what I mean. Well, maybe in the steamroom but that's an entirely different story.
You have to read this yourself.



Buffy kicked ass today.



Today, my sister is going back home. I am sad to see her go but I know she has to.
I made dinner for Annie, Pedro and Hector. Annie is very sweet. I like her very much.
John is so sweet. He has been really wonderful with my sister. Everyday I know I made the right choice to move in with him.

It is Buffy time.

This was an amazing weekend. My sister and I had plenty of fun. I will post lots of the pics soon.

Friday I cooked dinner for John and Lola. My mother sent me SOFRITO, so I decided to cook a nice Puerto Rican dinner. Lola bought a bottle of really great wine.

Saturday morning, we went to a restaurant which overlooks SF in Sausalito for brunch. Very nice. After that we went to watch John play softball. In the evening we went to the Cafe, which is not really my spot, but I was hanging out with Hec, Pedro, John, Ana and my sister so we decided to go there. We had the best time. Everyone was drunk, except me, of course. We danced, Ana, was her super friendly self and my sister was getting hit on by dudes (gay and straight) and by women.

Sunday, we hit Golden Gate park to see the AIDS Memorial and to the lake to ride the boats. At night we went to El Rio, a latin live band bar that is hot on Sundays. Men did we dance... I had not danced latin music like that in a very long time. Man that was fun. We had a ball. After we went to Frutilandia to eat dinner. Frutilandia is a Cuban/Puerto Rican restaurant located in Mexico, I mean the Mission. Very good food.