The one thing that is missing from my life is DANCE. I need to unwind, sweat, love, masturbate (at least 3 times a day), make new friends and, most of all, DANCE my ass off. The reality is that it won't happen in San Francisco. I long to be with Carl, my dance partner, sweating, laughing, hugging and DANCING for hours straight. I am feeling the - my life is not worth a penny without a kick ass dance party -- syndrome. *play it for me Joe* In my desperation I end up at the Detour. Lord Help ME! But why not let Earth Wind and Fire tell you with the gorgeous Boogie Wonderland -- backed by the legendary Emotions:
The mir-ror stares you in the face and says,
"Ba-by, uh, uh, it don't work."

You say your prayers though you don't care.
You dance and you shake the hurt.

Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.

Sounds fly through the night,
I change my vi-nyl dreams
To boo-gie won-der-land.

I find ro-mance
When I start to dance
In boo-gie won-der-land.

I find ro-mance
When I start to dance
In boo-gie won-der-land.

All the love in the world can't be gone.
All the need to be loved can't be wrong.

All the rec-ords are play-ing,
And my heart keep say-in',
Boo-gie won-der-land, won-der-land.

Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.
If you have not experienced this tune like it was meant to be -- pumped by Larry Levan -- you have missed out on what I think is a religious experience. AND by the way if you run out to get this on CD make sure you get the 8 minute PLUS version. I happen to have the 12" single which includes the stompin instrumental. Better yet, I am on napster with username riverica. Boogie Wonderland is on MY LIST of songs. *get it girl*

It is about 2:00 am. I've spent an entire day tweeking code. My continuous efforts on this personal project consume my thoughts daily. Everytime I think that the look I wanted has been finalized something else lights up in my little head. I NEED TO STOP. Therapy might be in order. I am addicted.



I will be in New Orleans at the end of May. My days are consumed by the thought that I will be walking those streets in less than 3 weeks. I cannot wait to smell that special NOLA smell. If you have ever been there when it is warm, you know what I mean. Also, a special treat... Jating will be there to share my adopted place of love, coffee, food and wine.

It is a sad thing to be closeted or in denial about your sexuality.
I am so pissed off right now... I just wrote a wonderful statement for a friend and when I clicked on post, it was gone. I am not happy at all.




He just is. Buffy was great last night; a great combo of heavy, emotional moments and also of really funny moments too. What a fun show.
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I finally installed a Guestbook so make sure you sign it. Cheerio for today.


Every once in a while I get sweet emails from friends and family. Lately, the sweet emails are more and more. This makes me extremely happy. It feels great when friends think of you enough to email you kind words. I just wanted to share this.

Buffy starts in 50 minutes.

I have just connected my laptop and my desktop to the DSL line. John will be networked tommorow. I need a network card for his computer.

I have heard horror stories about DSL connections but mine has been just wonderful. I hope me braging about it does not give me bad Karma.
Buffy talk in about two hours.



We just had a power outage... very cool. I became a whimpering fool as I had no way to use my computer. The power of electricity.
I am hooked on a show called Crossing Over with John Edward on the SCIFI network. You know, "When the dead talk, they talk to him". This show is a trip. He comes on and starts to read audience members. Most of the stuff he validates is crap... But, sometimes he comes out with some amazing things. I think that the bigger issue is that, if you beleive in his talent, it is proof that there is an afterlife and that what we do on the physical world effects our non-physical afterlife. Now I now this too much to swallow but man if what he does IS real then it changes everything.

I think there is something obviously wrong with an individual who stays in when the streets are filled with life. This weekend was gorgeous. I did not take advantage of the weather and stayed in -- sleeping, drinking coffee, sleeping, working on my website *looser* and watching movies. I don't think I regret my weekend, I did go to a bar Saturday night called the Detour. I do feel like I missed something profound. I will never know for sure.

Detour: This bar, it seems to me, is a sex bar in the closet. It feels like a sex bar, it looks like a sex bar and I have seen stuff *wink* going on but, officially, I don't think it is. The lore to this bar is not the ugly ass GO-GO dancer that has an "All That Jazz" routine all planned out and thinks he is actually hot, or the PinBall machines, or the slippery floor or the bartenders that serve watered down drinks -- it is the music. The music in this bar is slamming like no other bar in San Francisco. Yes this included The EndUp and Universe. The DJ plays real underground music like in the old days. A bad ass beat and low, low down base is all I need to get me started. I wonder why other bars don't play this music? Of course, you can't dance but you can shake your head till it drops.


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If you have never seen the Princess Bride you have to go and rent it today. This is one of the funniest movies.

Also, the main character is played by the studliest whiteboy with the hottest lips. Cary Elwes.


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I just figured out how to add graphics to my blog... what a looser I am. It is too easy. As it turns out, if I read a little, I can get my blog to do just about anything... I am a lazy SOB.

This is the face I made when I finally figured how to add graphics to my blog thingie.
One of the things keeping me alive in SF is the fact that I have my Disco music... To quote Sister Sledge "I won't give up my music, not me, not now, no way, no how -- were lost in music." So I have decided to seriously devote part of my website to my interest in this type of music and its history. I've been saying this for a long time but I will get down and do it for real.

If you were part of the Disco era and have a fun or interesting story please write to me and I will post it. I am working on a way to post these automatically sort of like a guestbook but for stories.
Did I tell you that I am getting money back from the Goverment?